Sunday, October 23, 2005

Auckland Day 1

Arrived in Auckland to some spectacular clouds and wobbly green hills. Met a Russian American on the flight who I was going to hang out with in Auckland but I lost his phone number (the only thing I've lost so far - but it's felt like a juggling act keeping track of all my junk) Haven't made any friends yet though whoever idea it was to make mixed dorms knew what they were doing. Yesterday walked around Auckland - went to a museum but found I couldn't really enjoy myself walking around alone. So that's one thing I know so far - I don't like travelling alone -much less than I realized. I'm about to leave on a city tour, so hopefully I'll haves something to report on that. Some of the trees here are really cool. I may be going to the Shire in a couple days to visit Eva johannes' sister who is working on a stud farm there. cheers

the not so intrepid Dr. Root



John Root said...

Travelling alone is fun, no one to interefere with your enjoyment of the scene!
On the other hand, finding a friend to travel with is a good thing.

John Root said...

Very good info -- this is what we want, keep it up.

About meeting people: after the initial hello, conversation, etc. what do you do? Don't give up, make a suggestion to do something together! good luck

John Root said...

how do you upload pictures from an internet cafe? How did you get the picture of you on the plane uploaded?