Friday, November 11, 2005

Franz Josef Glacier

Crossed over to the South Island a few days ago via Ferry. The strait between the North and South Island creates a lot of wind.

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Visited The Forbidden Pool from Lord of the Rings The Two Towers where Gollum gets caught by Faramir. Sorry, no Smeagol impersonation.

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Today we (the kiwi bus tour) attempted climbing a glacier but the rain prevented us from actually getting on the ice. Tomorrow we get to try again with full refund of today's soggy outing.

A picture of me on the second outing with me actually on the glacier. A French guy in our enterage was nice enough to email me this photo he took. Pixagogo direct photo link

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Went sea kayaking again. Nothing terribly exciting. At one point the waves got a bit out of control near a rock island jetting out of the sea and there was some chaos and colliding among the kayaks.

Pixagogo direct photo link Apple Split Rock - from another angle looks exactly like an apple split in two.

We had a costume party couple nights ago. Everyone had to come up with a costume that started with the letter 'P'. Some people got pretty creative....

Pixagogo direct photo link British Police Officer

Pixagogo direct photo link Pippy Longstockings

Pixagogo direct photo link Plant and Pandas

Pixagogo direct photo link Pink something or others....

Pixagogo direct photo link Pointed titted Punks and Private Person (the guy on the right's shorts say "PRIVATE")

Pixagogo direct photo link Police and the Pope (Loubie Lou our bus driver)

Pixagogo direct photo link Pair of Gimps and Pijama boy in the background.


Illona said...

It's great to have you back on radar. You disappear and then it's like what is he up to next! The suspense! It's rather exciting to see the adventure unfold.
We miss you but the check-ins are a great way to feel connected. The pictures are great by the way.
Kisses and hugs, love Illona

Nik said...

I finally got your e-mail...looks like your having loads fun. hows your bank statement looking? Im hoping my own will lessen soon, and gain a new can only hope. When will you surf?
keep us posted.

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Surfing will happen towards the end of my trip. I spent US$1300 in ten days. (NZ$1800) but I've still got loads to burn. Yeah, it's been quite a trip so far and keeps on getting better.

Maybelline said...


1300? YOu nutcase, you had me thinking you'd be scrapping it on cheap day hikes for the rest of the time...

Go pick out a hummer and drive it around

John G Root Jr said...

Hi Jason
Happy Thanksgiving
We are in Sarasota and it's 80 degrees. Joe and Ann send their love and Tobias too. more later