Saturday, November 26, 2005

Milford Track and Milford Sound

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The Milford Track was brilliant. Like I mentioned earlier, I was accompanied by a German by the name of Andreas who by luck of chance got a booking on the track 4 days prior to his booking date, which happened to be the same date I booked months ago. It was his first time doing an overnight hike or a hike with a backpack.

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We were very lucky that it never rained during our four days on the track. That is very rare considering that the Milford Sound area is the second wettest place on earth. It makes for very lush rainforests even if they aren't tropical.

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The intrepid Dr. Root stands on a rock in front of one of the many many waterfalls in fiordland.

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Pixagogo direct photo link Those are lakes, not puddles near the highest point of the track (1154 metres - not so high). It's hard to tell how far away they are, but they are about a half a kilometer or so from where I was standing when I took this photo. If you look closely you can see the trail winding up on the lower left corner of the picture.

Pixagogo direct photo link Valley among giant mountains.

Milford Sound is actually a fiord, not a sound. It's a fiord because it was created by glaciers.

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Aleteha said...

great to hear from you again. I think we are all living a bit through your blogs. It is great, we call each other and say "did you read what jake just did?" Its's fun to for us to all know what you are doing. Annie thinks you should be a travel writer. Shawn and I had a nice thanksgiving in plam springs and we start shooting our movie on tuesday. I bought a fancy BMW just thought you should know so you don't miss me at the airport when I come to pick you up. Life is great here. I am glad you met some people to travel with and were able to save some money. Next weekend is Illonas baby shower and mom and I are both flying in to party.
I love you so much, you little big sister.

John Fuller-Root said...

WOW That looks like a lot of fun! I envy you brother. Thanks for keeping me updated by email. Hope the rest of the adventure gets even better1

Pregnant Momma said...

Root, what a spectacular place you are in. Wow. I am so happy that you met up with good people that you enjoy. The hike looks amazing. Yes, keep travelling so that we can live it vicariously through you. The beauty of this earth always blows me away. Can't wait to see what you are up to next. And as Allie said, she and Mom and so many goood friends are all coming together on Saturday to see my big belly and celebrate this little one who is coming closer. Every day my belly grows, it's amazing. Just when I think I can't get bigger, I do! Can't wait to see you in January with baby in arm, but untill then, I am in suspense waiting for your next adventure. By the way the wait is always worth it, because you keep going to these amazing places. And that second picture of you jumping. I can feel the terror and exhiliration all at once!!! Love the round belly woman!!!