Saturday, November 26, 2005


Sorry for the long delay in updates. Haven't been near a computer for awhile. Been camping alot since I met up with a very nice Canadian couple, Todd and Cat. Toured around with them for about a week which allowed me to save lots of money and got off the Kiwi Experience bus for awhile which was nice.

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Pixagogo direct photo link Rainbow over the roadway. It disappeared as we drove under it.

This sea lion was actually demonstrating its boundaries to keep back, not posing for the camera as it might look. Pixagogo direct photo link

These penguins were found deep inside a cave underneath cliff walls that met the beach and were only accessible at low tide. We felt bad for taking their photos as apparently they were vewwy scared.

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So after the first bungee jump I did another one the next day over three times as high called the Nevis named after the chasm that the cable car you jump from is suspended over. That has to have been the greatest thing I've done in NZ so far. Beats even skydiving. There's someting about leaping off a 440 foot ledge that is more terrifying and thrilling than jumping out of an airplane. Whenever I look at the photos, especially this one, I relive the thrill and want to do it all over again. I have one more jump in Queenstown which I may be doing soon. But right now I am in Dunedin where I arrived just a few hours ago and where the steepest street in the world is.

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Moose Zanecchia, Moose said...

Leave a post below.

looks amazing man, true earth.

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Hey Gio, leave a post below? Thanks for posting on me blog. Bungee jumping was insanely amazing. Yeah.

Steffen said...

Hey Brodie, looks like you are having a blast. I am insanly envious. I will have to save up some money and you can go again and show me around. Sound good. I'm sure you are already planning on when you are going back again, I will need to join you. How long was the milford trek, how many days? Well keep having fun and be safe, love ya bro

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

The track was three nights three days. Yeah, I will definitely be coming back at some point in the future. Haven't really been thinking about that too much tho as I still have two months here! Although I really want to do Heliskiing in the amazing scenery which is only possible between June through September. You can take me downhill mountain biking, too, I'm sure there are great places to do it!

As far as being safe, NZ is too safe. That is the one thing I enjoyed more about my adventures in Peru, you never felt safe. Even bungee jumping is safe as the company I did it with is supposedly the safest in the world. Still scary as hell tho.